Sharing Grandparents' Challenges, Solutions, and Ideas

Grand Central® Radio Grandparents' Radio Show and this website

Our purpose and vision are making every grandparent as effective as we can be for our grandchildren and their parents.

This website and our podcast and developing call-in radio show are platforms for the community of grandparents and future grandparents of all ages, identities, circumstances, and locations.

Callers to and guests on the podcast and radio show and visitors to this website will discuss our challenges, questions, solutions, experiences, and ideas about grandparenting, especially relationships.

The show and this website are not social media: You can remain as anonymous as you want to be when contacting us on air or this site.

We are excited to meet you!

Grandma Communications LLC

Grandparents Day in 2024 is Sunday, September 8.

Countdown is in Eastern Time.