GRAND CENTRALĀ® RADIO EPISODE NO. 11: EXERCISING WITH GRANDCHILDREN FOR ENERGY, STRENGTH, AND MENTAL HEALTH Ā© 2024 Grandma Communications LLC To download a pdf of this transcript click here Geri: Welcome to Grand CentralĀ® Radio, the grandparentsā€™ community platform. I’m your host, Geri Cole. This is a talk, listen, and act show for grandparents, future grandparents, and others in the role of grandparent everywhere. My adult child, that child’s spouse and in-laws, and my grandchildren give me lots of questions and concerns. Like you, I want to be as effective for my grandkids and their parents as possible. To achieve...
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Ā© 2024 Grandma Communications LLC May 3, 2024 ā€“ In Grand CentralĀ® Radio podcast Episode No. 11, Dr. Laurel Mines, PT, DPT and OCS, a Doctor in Physical Therapy, mental performance coach, educator and public speaker, based in California, conversed with host Geri Cole and two other grandparents (an experienced grandpa in Florida and a relatively new grandma in Minnesota) about their experiences and suggestions regarding exercise with children by persons in the role of grandparent to promote medical, physical, and mental wellbeing of all.   Their suggestions include: (a) making an exercise plan considering the different ages, stages of...
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