Young Children’s Books About Home and Shelter

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A HouseAuthor and Illustrator: Kevin Henkes

Simple colors, illustrations, questions, and declarative sentences inspire both young children and emergent readers to notice and explore shapes, numbers, rhythm, weather, parts of a house, and family.

A Little SPOT Stays Home: A Story About Viruses And Safe Distancing | Author and Illustrator: Diane Alber

A SAFETY SPOT teaches us to stay SAFE, patient, kind, thankful, connected to others, mentally and physically active, productive, creative, and positive when a VIRUS spreads too fast and makes many people sick.

Come Over to My House (English/Spanish) | Author: Dr. Seuss | Illustrator: Katie Kath

A child visits homes of many kinds, shapes, and sizes worldwide, making friends and learning about their lives.

Farmer Joe Stays Home | Author: Billy Joe Hinson | Illustrators: Billy & Megan Hinson

A farmer and his pets create their joy and ease through music, dance, and games while sheltered at home.

Grandma’s Gardens | Authors: Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton | Illustrator: Carme Lemniscates

A grandma, daughter, and granddaughter nourish their love while nurturing the flowers and creatures in their gardens.

Home | Author and Illustrator: Carson Ellis

Charming illustrations introduce us to homes of many shapes, sizes, sorts, and situations throughout the world.

Home For a Bunny | Author: Margaret Wise Brown | Illustrator: Garth Williams

A bunny searches for a home, asking other creatures about theirs on his way, until he finds one just right for him.

Home Sweet Home | Author: Mia Cassany | Illustrator: Paula Blumen

Pets introduce us to the varied beauty of their homes and neighborhoods in different regions of the world.

Home Sweet Home (Little Friends-board book) | Author and Illustrator: Roger Priddy

Baby Owl flies to different habitats, discovering who lives in each and returning to her favorite home, her own nest.

If You Lived Here: Houses of the World | Author and Illustrator: Giles Laroche

Through photographs of intricate bas-relief cut-paper collages and profiles of their homes, we see how different peoples live or lived around the world.

Let’s Go Home: The Wonderful Things About a House | Author: Cynthia Rylant | Illustrator: Wendy Anderson Halperin

We tour the rooms of a country house to discover that it is the residents and their lives there that make it home.

Mabel and Sam at Home: One Brave Journey in Three Adventures | Author: Linda Urban | Illustrator: Hadley Hooper

Siblings’ imaginations lead them to adventure on the high seas, at the museum, and in space, all in a moving box labeled “Handle With Care” in their new home.

Mousekin’s Golden House | Author and Illustrator: Edna Miller

A mouse makes his home and shelter in an abandoned jack-o’-lantern.

Moving to the Neighborhood (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood-board book) | Author and Illustrator: Alexandra Cassel

Daniel Tiger (of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) welcomes his new next door neighbor, Jodi Platypus, to Daniel’s neighborhood and school classroom.

Mr. Skinner’s Skinny House | Author: Ann McGovern | Illustrator: Mort Gerberg

A skinny man enjoys his narrow, tall house in the city but needs someone special to share it with him.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day | Authors and Illustrators: Stan & Jan Berenstain

Brother, Mama, and Papa Bear move from their hillside cave home halfway up Great Bear Mountain at the far edge of Bear Country and their friends to a house in the valley hollowed out of a great oak tree where they make new friends.

The Big Bad Coronavirus And How We Can Beat It! | Author: Lisa Carroll | Illustrator: G. F. Newland

In this read-along and sing-along book with delightful, bright illustrations, a young elementary school student learns to cope with the pandemic, protect herself, her family, and her friends, and sustain hope until a treatment or vaccine for the coronavirus can keep them all safe and they all end in happiness.

The Big Orange Splot | Author and Illustrator: Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Neighbors supplant uniformity and neatness by their imaginations to make their houses their dream homes.

The Little House | Author and Illustrator: Virginia Lee Burton

A pretty little house in the country survives decades and generations of suburban and urban sprawl until descendants of the original owners rescue it and move back home.

Too Much Noise | Author: Ann McGovern | Illustrator: Simms Taback

An old man learns to quiet his old, noisy house; a familiar fable freshly retold.